Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Is there anyone alive that does not think that George W. and his minions 'spun' the CIA fantasy of WMD so that one mean mutha-fucker of an Arab could be taken out? The big giggle in my mind is that Tony Blair, bless his stiff British upper lip, bought that whole crock and didn't even spill any as he guzzled it down. And little Johnnie Howard in Australia went along for the swim.

Reality is that WMD were a means to an end - the world is full of WMD - just check it out sometime. Iraq was the least of our worries. What do they think India and Pakistan are going to use when they start kicking the crap out of each other - not to mention Korea etc. As I have said elsewhere, WMD was the lie that Bush had to tell. I adhere to my view that this is a holy war - a war against an Islamic vision that is at least two maybe three centuries out of date. No one in the world, Islam or other, wants to live in the secular world conceived by the tyrannical mullahs that are grinding Iran and other countries under their theological heels. Democracy and Islamic fundamentalism cannot coexist.

That is why we went to war.

Friday, July 11, 2003

It seems that the WSJ thinks Bob Dylan may have lifted some tracts or at least copied some ideas from a little known book entitled "Confessions of a Zakuza", by Dr. Saga.

The book was published about 10 years ago and there are indeed some striking similarities between some passages in the book and lyrics in some of the songs contained on "Love and Theft". Dr. Saga is honoured, according to his press release, to have be plagarized by such a talent. His publisher is considering a second edition of the out-of-print book, particulary if Bob will write a foreward.

My take on it is that probably Bob did read this book at some time during one of his many tours in Japan. But who of us have not had words and phrases pop into the mind when writing that might have originated elsewhere. Bryce Courtenay, and hugely popular author in Australia (Power of One, April Fools Day etc) once told me that when he is writing a novel, he never reads anything for fear that even a phrase from a journal or sporting magazine will embed itself, unbidden, into his text.

In my opinion, that may have happend to Bob. And frankly, so what? The songs on "Love and Theft" are pure Dylan. And let's remember, this is the guy who gave us lines like ...."To dance beneath the diamond sky, with one arm swinging free..." or "One too many mornings, and a thousand miles behind..."
Dr. Saga got it right --- what an honour...

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Oh yeah, while I remember -- 28 Days Later - film by Danny Boyle - you know him, directed Trainspotting, although he blotted his copy book with The Beach ....

Well, this latest is interesting, but I'd say will struggle at the box office. I won't reveal plot, but let's say it is an attempt at a Sci Fi/horror blend that doesn't come off. For example, the military at Blockade 41 behave like lunatics when we all know that the military is all about mindless obedience in the face of death etc. Go see it if you are interested in Danny's ouvre, but be prepared to be disappointed.

We saw it at the local Cineplex which did not help - audience was full of kids that just wanted to talk, answer cell phones and crackle popcorn - however, you can't blame them too much for that if the movie is less than riveting.

You have been warned...
Larry David's unique take on life's hassles and happy moments reveal him as the true comic genius behind the Sienfeld television show.

Sample from his stand-up ..."You know, the great thing about Hitler was that he wouldn't take shit from magicians..." -- then follows the routine on "You vill tell me vhere zar rabbit is, no...?" etc.

Check him out - awesome talent and a truly idiosyncratic personality and delivery. We should all be so unique.

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